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M & M Drilling Inc. serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Southern Alberta, Southwestern Saskatchewan, and Southeastern British Columbia. All drillers with M & M Drilling Inc. have received their Alberta Journeyman Water Well Drillers Certification.

Drilling Services

  • Private & Domestic Wells
  • Commercial Wells
  • Municipal Wells
  • Industrial Drilling
  • Formation Investigation Drilling
  • Large Capacity Well Installations
  • Coal Exploration
  • Coring for Bridge Pylons & Construction Sites
  • Sand Screen Installations
  • Cathodic Protection & Anode Installations
  • Surface Casing for Gas & Oil Well Production
  • Well Washouts
  • Well Abandonment

The Right Equipment for Any Job

At M & M Drilling, we have the equipment to handle nearly every kind of well inspection or installation. These include:

  • Tri-Axle Mounted Cyclone TH-60 Drilling Rigs
  • Failing CFD-1 Drilling Rig
  • 1200-Gallon Water Trucks
  • Pipe Trailers
  • Support Equipment
  • Down Hole Camera Equipment
  • E-logger Equipment

Well Washouts & Shock Chlorination

A healthy water well requires regular maintenance. M & M Drilling provides well washouts and shock chlorination treatments to sites throughout our service area.

Well Abandonments

In order to protect our groundwater, old unused wells should be abandoned properly. This is done by using a bentonite product down the old well casing to seal it off.